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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Auto Repair Industry

Technology, and more specifically, artificial intelligence (AI), is something that is not only becoming more advanced with each passing year but it is also something that becomes more ingrained in our everyday lives as a result. AI is also becoming a big part of the auto repair industry and it could actually change the face of the industry before we know it. Below are three ways that we can expect AI to change auto repair. Assisted Driving Assisted driving will be here before we know it. Already, the industry has been experiencing bits and pieces of this new technology. This can be seen in things like rear facing camera to help people back up and see clearly what is behind them and in lane assist technology which can alert people when there is a car or other vehicle in a lane next to them when trying to change lanes. This is just the beginning and before too long, we will have fully assisted driving. Manufacturing In addition to how people are using technology that is in their vehicles, technology is also changing the way that vehicles are manufactured. Everything is a lot more machine based than people based, as it was [...]

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Preparing Your Car for Cooler Weather

Winter is right around the corner, and with it comes lower temperatures, snow and ice. To stay safe and keep your car running properly during this harsh season, you need to take steps to prepare before the cold arrives. Below are some tips to help you make sure your car is ready for the challenges of winter. Check your battery Colder weather puts more strain on your car's charging system. Before the cold weather arrives, check your battery to make sure it is still functioning properly. If it isn't working as well as it should, replace it before the cold weather arrives. Examine your tires In the winter, you are more likely to be driving on snow and ice. These conditions require that your tires be performing at their best. Check your tires for excessive wear, as this can reduce traction in slippery conditions. If your tires are showing signs of wear, replace them with a new set as soon as possible. Because tire pressure tends to drop when temperatures fall, it is important to make sure your tires are properly inflated as well. Check all fluids Before you begin driving in the winter months, take some time to make [...]

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Reasons to Use a Certified Mechanic for Your Car Repairs

When you’re looking for a local mechanic to repair your vehicle, chances are you’re thinking about price, convenience, and quality of work. However, there is one other VERY important thing you should look for in an auto mechanic--ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. Why? Here are five reasons, just for starters. High Expectations - Certifications aren’t just given out at random. ASE requires documented experience and then the testing covers eight different areas of the automotive field. More Experience - When you choose an ASE certified mechanic, you are much more likely to get an experienced mechanic than you are when you pick a mechanic at random. This experience is well worth it, in many cases. Certification Is Not Permanent - Mechanics will have to retest every five years, at a minimum, to maintain certification. This means that you can feel confident that the mechanic with certification is staying current with his or her education too. ASE Certification Covers New Technology - This certification is more than just the basics of car repair and maintenance--it covers all the newest technology too. Even if you have a brand new model with high-tech gadgets, you can feel confident that an ASE certified mechanic [...]

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Why You Should Visit an Auto Shop After Buying a Used Car

When you are purchasing a used vehicle, it is always wise to have a mechanic take a look at the vehicle before you make the purchase. They can listen for sounds that may indicate problems or inspect for leaks. However, they will not be able to detect all problems during this brief inspection. After you purchase the vehicle, there are many benefits to taking your car to an auto shop for a more thorough and in-depth inspection. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should visit a local auto shop after buying a used car. Make Sure Your Car is in Good Condition One of the top reasons to bring your car to a mechanic after purchasing it is to help ensure your car is in good condition. While many states have a cooling off period that allows you to return a used car if you are not happy, Georgia is not one of these states. However, while not required by law, many dealerships do offer you a return or cooling off period. If your contract allows it, you can return the car if you find that it is not in good condition, so have the car [...]

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Benefits of Having Your Car Towed to an Auto Repair Shop

When you're experiencing car issues it can be difficult to determine whether you should drive your vehicle to the shop, have a mechanic come out to you to do the repair, or have your vehicle towed. In most cases, having your car towed will be the smartest choice in terms of both cost and safety. Here are the benefits of having your car towed to an auto repair shop. Peace of Mind One reason you should have your car towed to an auto repair shop is for peace of mind. If you decide to drive to an auto repair shop even though your vehicle is experiencing mechanical issues, it's possible that your vehicle will break down on the side of the road. As you probably know, on-the-road breakdowns can be incredibly dangerous. Not only can on-the-road breakdowns cause multi-car accidents and vehicular damages, but they can also lead to injuries and even death. Therefore, it is in your best interest to avoid these breakdowns at all costs. Even if you're tempted to save money by driving to an auto repair shop, you should keep in mind that saving money is not worth risking your safety. Also, if your car ends [...]

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Why is My Check Engine Light On? 

A check engine light is an indicator light on your car's dashboard that indicates there may be a problem with your vehicle. As such, seeing that indicator light stay on can cause a panic attack. Admittedly, some of the problems indicated by a check engine light are significant. However, most are easily fixed and shouldn't be feared or avoided. Check engine light on needs work from local mechanic.                                   Below are five of the issues that can cause your check engine light to illuminate along with information about why you shouldn't ignore the check engine light: 1. Oxygen Sensor: O2 Sensor One reason your check engine light might be illuminating is a bad oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor is used to measure the amount of oxygen in your vehicle's exhaust system that has yet to be burned. It's important for you take care of this issue quickly because having an oxygen sensor that doesn't work properly reduces your fuel efficiency by 40% and can damage your catalytic converter and spark plugs, leading to more expensive repairs down the road. 2. Loose Gas [...]

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Caring for your Car in the Spring

Now that spring is right around the corner, you need to start transitioning to a different approach to car care. With the spring comes rising temperatures and pollen, which means you need to change your car care strategies to adapt to the warm weather. Here are a few tips that will help you care for your car in the spring. Cold Weather and Your Vehicle's Performance As you may know from experience, ice, snow, salt, and cold temperatures can damage your car significantly during the winter. Car batteries are more prone to dying in the winter and fluids like oil, brake and transmission fluids, and power steering fluids tend to thicken in low temperatures. Cold air can make the air pressure in your tires drop significantly. Even the reliability of spark plugs decreases as a result of cold weather. The accumulation of ice, snow, and salt can damage your vehicle's finish. All of these factors can make it difficult for your vehicle to perform optimally. Therefore, once winter ends, you should take your car in for a maintenance check to get it back up to par. Warm Weather and Your Vehicle's Performance It's also important to protect your vehicle from the elements during [...]

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Effects of Different Grades of Fuel on Your Engine

Everyone sees the typical three fuel options at the gas station, but which one is the best for your vehicle? Next time you choose unleaded, plus, or premium, you may want to read further information. Types of fuel are grouped by their octane level. Premium fuel has higher octane points while unleaded has less. A regular octane level is usually around 87, mid-grade 89, and premium 91-93. Usually a higher-octane level fuel performs more efficiently. However, most people choose the lowest octane level fuel available because it is the cheapest option. Which fuel is the best for you? What is the Best Fuel Grade for my Car? 1. Unleaded or Regular Fuel Unleaded or regular gas is usually 15-20 cents cheaper a gallon than premium gas, saving you over a hundred dollars in a year. Because of technology improvements, unleaded gas has the same, basic quality of medium-grade or premium fuel. Some industry experts believe there is no point in using any gas other than unleaded or regular, because they are all basically the same. Most cars have their own way of making up for low octane levels, leaving your engine’s system perfectly fine. Your car’s owner’s manual should clarify [...]

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Caring for your Car Battery before Cold Weather Hits

This year is passing by quickly, and the cold weather is just around the corner. Now is the time to check your car battery to be sure that it is ready for the cold temperatures because the winter season is the most likely time for a car or truck battery to die. Contrary to what most believe, cold weather is not the culprit that kills car batteries. Summer's excessive heat is harsher on car batteries than cold weather, though freezing temperatures can certainly contribute to shortening your battery's life. Oftentimes, waiting until the deep freeze of winter to replace your battery is too late. Cold weather could pretty much make that heat worn battery "dead on arrival." How Long Do Car Batteries Last? Typically, new car batteries last between 4 to 6 years but that can vary depending on climate, corrosion build up and lack of car maintenance. Preventative Maintenance for Your Car Battery While car batteries shouldn't be changed from season to season, some batteries do tend to perform better in certain climates. Your friends at Poston Motor Company are familiar with the variety of batteries are always available to help with any preventative maintenance. The following are a [...]

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Synthetic Oil vs. Traditional Oil: Four Main Differences

Oil is one of the most important components of your vehicle. You should check your vehicle’s oil level periodically (at least once a month), topping it off if it needs it. Most mechanics recommend you get your oil and oil filter changed every three-five thousand miles. This will be easy to reach if you commute from Cumming to Atlanta every day for work. If your vehicle is not using quality oil, it could be detrimental to your engine and cost you lots of money to repair. But, how do you know what type of oil is best for your car, SUV, or truck? Here are four main differences between synthetic oil and traditional oil. Differences in Synthetic & Traditional Oil 1. Synthetic oil is refined, distilled, and purified Because synthetic oil is man-made, it has a greater ability to decide what components it’s made with. The refining, distilling, and purifying process allows certain impurities to be taken out and healthier additives to be put in. Taking out unwanted molecules and adding better ones helps the oil run smoothly through your engine. Crude or traditional oil tends to pick up deposits and form sludge, preventing your motor to run properly. Synthetic [...]

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