Why is My Check Engine Light On? 

A check engine light is an indicator light on your car's dashboard that indicates there may be a problem with your vehicle. As such, seeing that indicator light stay on can cause a panic attack. Admittedly, some of the problems indicated by a check engine light are significant. However, most are easily fixed and shouldn't be feared or avoided. Check engine light on needs work from local mechanic.                                   Below are five of the issues that can cause your check engine light to illuminate along with information about why you shouldn't ignore the check engine light: 1. Oxygen Sensor: O2 Sensor One reason your check engine light might be illuminating is a bad oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor is used to measure the amount of oxygen in your vehicle's exhaust system that has yet to be burned. It's important for you take care of this issue quickly because having an oxygen sensor that doesn't work properly reduces your fuel efficiency by 40% and can damage your catalytic converter and spark plugs, leading to more expensive repairs down the road. 2. Loose Gas [...]

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