The Importance of Hiring a Good Mechanic

Problems with your car can be a real hassle, especially when you don’t know what’s going on. Mysterious sounds, a sudden decrease in performance and warning lights that come on for seemingly no reason are all automotive issues that can drive car owners up the wall. When something is going wrong with your vehicle, it’s crucial that you have someone to turn to that you can trust to fix your car and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to hire a knowledgeable mechanic to work on your car. Fast Repairs When you need to get your car fixed fast, you can’t afford to wait for an inexperienced mechanic to identify the problem. Hiring a knowledgeable mechanic is important because a mechanic who has a wide base of experience can quickly identify what part of your car needs repair or replacement, meaning you won’t have to wait as long for your vehicle to be up and running again. In the same way that doctors can come up with diagnoses from vague symptoms, a knowledgeable mechanic can pinpoint the issue with your car based on limited information. A Knowledgeable Mechanic Saves [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your “Check Engine” Light

Your Local Auto Repair Shop can help! On the TV series The Big Bang Theory, Penny is perpetually driving around with her check engine light on. While this joke is the source of many laughs on the show, in reality all too many people ignore this indicator to ill effect. The truth is, this light is an important part of your car’s safety notification system and should never be ignored. What It Means The check engine light on your vehicle means that there is a malfunction somewhere in your engine or fuel system. This can range from something as simple as a loose gas cap to expensive but important repairs like a bad catalytic converter. In any case, at very least your car is not functioning at peak efficiency when you drive it. Loose Gas Cap This is the most common and easily fixed cause for an indicator light. Just double-check to make sure your gas cap is on tight! When your gas cap is loose or cracked, fuel vapors escape through it, causing your gas mileage to go down. If you tighten your gas cap and the light doesn’t go off, make sure it’s not cracked and that the [...]

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Why Is My Engine Overheating?

When your car overheats, it’s a stomach-turning experience. You can’t keep driving; you’re stranded until it cools down. Worse, you don’t know that it won’t overheat again, and you may not even be sure what caused the problem. Here’s a look at a few reasons why you might experience car engine overheating, and what you can do about the problem. Coolant Levels This is the single most common reason for engine overheating. Your car needs enough coolant to cycle through the engine and ensure that everything operates smoothly. If your levels are low, there’s not enough coolant to carry the heat away. This makes heat and friction build up in the engine, and the car overheats. If your car is running hot, check those coolant levels and fill it up if need be! Fan Failure If your coolant fan isn’t working right, the engine will get hot. This fan pulls air in through the radiator and blows it across the engine to keep the temperature down. You could have a bad fan motor which is causing the device to not work, or your radiator fan switch could have gone bad. This switch tells the fan when to kick on and [...]

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Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Finding a mechanic can be as much of a nightmare as finding a new doctor or dentist. You never know what you’re going to get, you rely on either proximity to home or work, or on recommendations from friends and family, or even on customer reviews online. Even still, it’s scary dropping your vehicle off with someone you don’t know and hoping they do right by you and your car. Here are some questions you can ask a mechanic to alleviate some of your concern. Can You Get Parts for My Car? Even if you have a very common make and model of car, make sure that your mechanic has access to the right parts for it! You would be surprised how often garages send cars to other facilities to get work done, which can then cost you even more in labor and service costs. This is especially true if your car is of European make, like BMW, Volvo or Volkswagen. Are You AAA-Approved? AAA is the gold standard for auto service. They maintain a list of well over 7,500 auto shops across the country that pass their testing for quality repairs and customer service. The standards for AAA are very stringent [...]

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Why Is Scheduled Maintenance So Important on a Vehicle?

Have you ever skipped an oil change just because you didn’t have time or didn’t get around to it? This is one of the worst things you can do for your car. Scheduled maintenance is vital to your car’s health and well-being just like regular doctor visits are good for yours. You can save hundreds of dollars every year by keeping up with your maintenance routine. Warranty Maintenance Regular scheduled maintenance is often required by the manufacturer to keep your warranty in good standing. If you miss a maintenance visit, you might find that when something goes wrong with the car, your warranty claim is denied. This could leave you paying out of pocket for potentially expensive repairs. Resale Value Regular maintenance on your car can also preserve and increase the vehicle’s resale value. The better you maintain the required upkeep for the car, the better off you’ll be when you go to sell the car. What’s Involved? Keeping to a schedule for maintaining your vehicle isn’t difficult. It just means working it into your own schedule and visiting the mechanic every three to six months for normal repair and upkeep on the basics. In general, these services which can [...]

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