Reasons to Use a Certified Mechanic for Your Car Repairs

When you’re looking for a local mechanic to repair your vehicle, chances are you’re thinking about price, convenience, and quality of work. However, there is one other VERY important thing you should look for in an auto mechanic–ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. Why? Here are five reasons, just for maintenance

High Expectations – Certifications aren’t just given out at random. ASE requires documented experience and then the testing covers eight different areas of the automotive field.

More Experience – When you choose an ASE certified mechanic, you are much more likely to get an experienced mechanic than you are when you pick a mechanic at random. This experience is well worth it, in many cases.

Certification Is Not Permanent – Mechanics will have to retest every five years, at a minimum, to maintain certification. This means that you can feel confident that the mechanic with certification is staying current with his or her education too.

ASE Certification Covers New Technology – This certification is more than just the basics of car repair and maintenance–it covers all the newest technology too. Even if you have a brand new model with high-tech gadgets, you can feel confident that an ASE certified mechanic will be trained to understand the systems in place.

It’s Cheaper in the Long Run – Auto repairs aren’t cheap. No one likes paying more for a job than is truly necessary. However, when you pay a little more for a certified mechanic to complete the job, you know it is done right and you are much less likely to wind up in the shop again just a few weeks or months later. Plus, many ASE certified mechanics stand behind the jobs they complete. Finally, when you properly maintain your car, you’ll get more miles, and years, from it. That saves you money!

Your Neighborhood Mechanic

If you want to work with an ASE certified repair shop or you have any questions about what the ASE Certification entails or how it can benefit you in your next auto repair, call or contact us at Poston Motor Company. We look forward to working with you!

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