How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Auto Repair Industry

Technology, and more specifically, artificial intelligence (AI), is something that is not only becoming more advanced with each passing year but it is also something that becomes more ingrainedSmart Car Repairs

in our everyday lives as a result. AI is also becoming a big part of the auto repair industry and it could actually change the face of the industry before we know it. Below are three ways that we can expect AI to change auto repair.

Assisted Driving

Assisted driving will be here before we know it. Already, the industry has been experiencing bits and pieces of this new technology. This can be seen in things like rear facing camera to help people back up and see clearly what is behind them and in lane assist technology which can alert people when there is a car or other vehicle in a lane next to them when trying to change lanes. This is just the beginning and before too long, we will have fully assisted driving.


In addition to how people are using technology that is in their vehicles, technology is also changing the way that vehicles are manufactured. Everything is a lot more machine based than people based, as it was in the past. This shift in how vehicles are made today will continue to change as the technology develops and we may have fully automatic manufacturing.

Cloud-Based Information

You are already using cloud-based solutions in a lot of ways, like saving your pictures to the cloud from your phone. This is not just something that you have gotten used to but it is also something that a lot of dealerships are now using to keep track of when maintenance is due for a vehicle and notifying the owner to come in. This type of usage will only increase.

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