Maintenance To-Do’s For High Mileage Vehicles

American drivers today are hitting the roads more than ever, and keeping your vehicle around as long as possible is a priority many of us share. However, as time passes and the miles add up, keeping your car in good shape becomes increasingly difficult, though there are still some tips you can follow to provide solid maintenance for high mileage vehicles.

The Poston Motor Company in Cumming, Georgia has years of professional experience getting vehicles off the line and on the road, and we would be happy to share our know-how with you. The following are just five simple To-Do tips to keep in mind when maintaining high mileage vehicles.

#1 Oil Change

You need to get an oil change every three months or after 3000 miles. The oil is the blood of your engine, after all, so be sure to stay on top of your oil change schedule to prevent future engine issues.

#2 Tire Pressure & Alignment

About once a month you should check your tire pressure and make any adjustments as necessary. When going in for your oil change, you should also have your tires rotated, and alignment checked.

#3 All Other Fluids

At any given moment there are a variety of fluids running through your car besides motor oil. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, cooling fluid and others can all be found coursing through your car’s veins, and you should have these checked after every few thousand miles.

#4 Prepare for the Seasons

The best way you can improve your vehicle’s chances of sticking around for a while is by preparing it for the seasons. For example, when summer rolls by, you should look into possibly changing your AC filter or coolants. Similarly, make proper pressure adjustments to your tires once it starts to get colder.

These small preparations can go a long way in keeping your car in good shape for years to come.

#5 Watch for Warning Lights and Indicators

While not a strict maintenance check per se, keeping an eye on your dashboard and acting promptly on any indicators or warning lights that might appear is crucial. For instance, a warning light for engine pressure or an indicator for a low tire might only require a simple fix, but the alternatives can be devastating for your vehicle.

You may want to read through your vehicle’s owner’s guide to fully familiarize yourself with all the maintenance and safety features of your specific car. Many owners’ guides also come with high mileage maintenance checklists tailored for the vehicle.

Learn More About Maintenance for High Mileage Vehicles

Maintaining high mileage vehicles should not be an overwhelming task. In fact, by following just a few simple tips and resolving problems as soon as they arise, you can easily protect your car against time and the elements.

If you do end up experiencing any issues with your vehicle, you may want to let a mechanic at the Poston Motor Company take a look at things. Our trained professionals have years of experience solving a wide variety of mechanical problems, and we can easily do the same for you.

Contact a representative today for more information on how the Poston Motor Company can help you.

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