Why Is Scheduled Maintenance So Important on a Vehicle?

Have you ever skipped an oil change just because you didn’t have time or didn’t get around to it? This is one of the worst things you can do for your car. Scheduled maintenance is vital to your car’s health and well-being just like regular doctor visits are good for yours. You can save hundreds of dollars every year by keeping up with your maintenance routine.

Warranty Maintenance

Regular scheduled maintenance is often required by the manufacturer to keep your warranty in good standing. If you miss a maintenance visit, you might find that when something goes wrong with the car, your warranty claim is denied. This could leave you paying out of pocket for potentially expensive repairs.

Resale Value

Regular maintenance on your car can also preserve and increase the vehicle’s resale value. The better you maintain the required upkeep for the car, the better off you’ll be when you go to sell the car.

What’s Involved?

Keeping to a schedule for maintaining your vehicle isn’t difficult. It just means working it into your own schedule and visiting the mechanic every three to six months for normal repair and upkeep on the basics. In general, these services which can be performed by any mechanic include the following:

  • Oil and Oil Filter Change: Your oil should be changed every 6 months or 3,000 miles as recommended by your mechanic. It doesn’t take long and is a part of your regular vehicle checkup.
  • Ignition System: Maintaining this system involves replacing the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor caps, rotor and other aspects of the system. Not all of these are present on all cars, and again, your mechanic can do them in a flash.
  • Cooling System: Making sure that your car’s radiator is in good shape, that your antifreeze/coolant reservoir is properly filled and there is no blockage or decay on the hoses and lines is imperative to keeping the car running well.
  • Air Filter: A dead-simple job, replacing the air filter on the car’s intake system not only keep the engine running strong, it can increase your fuel efficiency and power.
  • Brakes: Keep on top of your brakes. If you feel grinding, smell burning when you brake or have to put excess pressure on your pedal to stop, you’ve waited too long to have these checked out. Don’t skimp on quality, either; brakes aren’t just good maintenance, they’re good for saving lives.
  • Tires: Make sure that you get the air pressure on your tires checked and have them rotated regularly. This will make sure they wear properly and increase their service life.
  • Washing Your Car: Many people don’t think about washing their car, but doing so can greatly improve its resale value and protect the body from rust and corrosion.

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